Sit and Feel

Just sit here and feel. Just listen. To cracklings of the scooter’s motor engine as it cools off. To the rustling of the leaves in the palm trees. To crickets chirping in the near distance. How often do you just stop to listen and feel? 

I was driving home from being inside at the hospital all day with the desire to just feel connected to the earth around me. So, here I am sitting beneath the Century Tower on the UF campus rubbing my hand along the pavement of the bench that I am resting on. With each stroke across the gravel my body gets a sense of chills because I realize that I haven’t felt all day.. maybe all week for that matter. 

When you lose touch with the world around you, you lose touch with how intertwined you are with the Earth. I think that’s what’s happened to me recently. I’ve let my mind travel in the clouds, not bringing my feet back down to feel the care grass beneath my toes…

Well, here I am now. Feeling the Earth. Hearing the Earth. And being one with the Earth. Now, I’m going to put my phone away so I can truly feel. 

Takeaway: take your shoes off, go outside, and feel the grass beneath your toes as you look up into the sky. That’s it. What you want to do from that point forward is up to you. I’m here to guide you, not tell you every move to make.


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