Flashing By….

It’s happening… every second the seconds flash right by my eyes. A moment is here and then it is gone – over and over, just like that. 

So, where is it…Time…. going? Is it gone forever? Can we relive a moment again? We seem to attempt to by thinking about the past and by thinking about events from it. But, it’s gone. I guess it’s not gone for good though if we can still think about it. Even though it’s gone does it still exist? Or did it just exist at one point in time and now it’s gone forever? 

Am I confusing you? Yeah, i just confused the shit out of myself. I’m not going to read anything I’m writing until I’m done with everything that I’m writing because I’m just letting my mind and soul free flow thoughts right now and it’s… fun. 

You know what else is fun? Living in the moment. Have you tried it? I’ve tried it a lot recently. I’ve been forcing myself to learn how to be more in the moment. But not forcing myself in the sense that I don’t want to do it so I’m pushing myself to do it. I really want to do it. To be there – in the moment. 

It’s happening right now. Right now, I’m in the moment. I hear the sound of the wind blowing from the fan above me, the crackling of the Balsam Fir Village Candle burning on the table next to me, the sound sound of the leaking faucet across the room, and of course the sound of calming music playing from my favorite Spotify playlist – Deep Focus. 

So, what’s my point here? I’m not sure yet to be honest. Well, I guess I’m kind of sure… it’s a calling to myself and to others to find the “now”… to find the most present moment that you know and once you find it, strive to live there as much as possible. The book I’m reading called The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle has been helping me get there, it might help you too. 

Well anyways, enjoy your night. But actually, enjoy it. Be as present as possible. Whether you’re grinding hard finishing up schoolwork, lifting weights at the gym, or simply eating a bag of popcorn – be there, be present, and enjoy it.  
– Kevin James Masaro 

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