There are two choices that you have every time a situation isn’t going “as planned”: 

1. You can crawl into a little ball and cry about how things didn’t work out the way you thought (well no shit, the future is nonexistent) 


2. You can level up, put on your big boy/girl pants and make something happen, and be happy exactly where you are at.

I present these two options to you because these are the two that have been presented to me this weekend. 

We are out here in Hastings, Fl in the middle of nowhere at a festival called Backwoods Fam Jam – the first of its kind. A few weeks ago we decided we would participate in this event and be a vendor at this festival to help spread our brand – Always True. Upon arriving to the festival we were told that there would be about 1,000 people in attendance and we would just have to pay a couple hundred dollars for a vendor spot. As a small business this sounded like a no brainer. 

We arrived to the event Friday night (an hour late) and set up our site, which was about 14 miles from the main stage – or about 200 yards, same thing. We thought “yeah, maybe this is bit far but it should be alright once it fills up”….

Long story short, it didn’t fill up. No more than 100 people have shown up for this festival so far and it’s Sunday morning. 

Now, I’m not here to complain. I’m not here to bitch. All of this was just to preface the next part of the story… me relating back to having those two choices, to sit and complain or make something happen and embrace it for what it is – realizing that everything happens for a reason. 
The old kevin: I would’ve bitched for days. New me: I’m fucking grateful as shit for even being here. 

I’m grateful that I have the ability to attend a music festival as my “job” and spread the most important fucking thing in my life – Always True. I would not be the person I am today without it. I would not be alive, sitting here, living in the moment, enjoying life. 

So maybe the turnout hasn’t been great.. but that doesn’t mean we haven’t met great people. All with unique ass stories and experiences that are helping us along the way. And the rest of the people here: AMAZING. The food: AMAZING. And the music…. fucking AWESOME. This event is the first of its kind and I don’t doubt that it will have 1,000+ people next year and will grow and grow after that. Good things take time, remember? 

Moral of the story: don’t bitch. Accept what is. Appreciate what is. And of course: make best of what is. 

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