Haters Gunna Hate

Ever heard the term “Haters gunna hate?” I’m sure you have. Round of applause for the first hater on my new blog… this persons got some balls sending it with their name AND email. 

Waittttt so get this…. Mr. Anonymous (or Ms. but I’m going to use Mr. for ease here) we live in an age where you can locate someone by their IP address… I see you wrote that from work at the accounting firm that you most likely work at ( I’ll keep the name of the firm out)…. 

What’s my point here? You probably hate your job. You’re probably bitter that you have to work a 9-5 job. And you’re probably bitter that I’m happy chasing my motha fuckin dreammmm while you’re stuck up in a cubicle building someone else’s. 

Yeah. So that’s it. Just wanted to share. You motivate me. Please keep hating. Please  🙏 

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