Chipotle Sucks Anyways

There’s just something about writing…. there’s just something about being able to communicate my deepest, most inner thoughts through text that I can’t sometimes speak through words.. maybe it’s because in person I get nervous or shy, but I’m not sure…

It all started for me amidst a huge downward spiral I found myself going down n latter half of 2016… It was as though my world was caving in. It was as though this black tunnel of dust and doom was both pulling me in and spinning me around, attempting to bring me to my demise… 

But then…. something incredible happened. I stumbled into a craft store and found myself holding a journal… and little did I know it would be the journal that would eventually change my life. 

It’s only been about 7 months now that I’ve been writing consistently (I’ve always loved writing though, for as long as I can remember).. writing my thoughts, my feelings, and situations from my daily life – attempting to turn inwards to understand why I was feeling the way I was feeling. 

For the first couple of months my writing was a mess with words all over the place – completely unstructured with no direction. It’s funny though, because that first journal actually started out with “TO DO” lists… Then it evolved into phrases like “Ahhh I don’t know what to do with my life!!! Somebody help!!!” As time went on though, my writing began to develop as I began to develop – it went hand in hand, naturally. 

Today, I use writing as my outlet, just as I did back on November 2nd, 2016 when my black fine point Sharpie marker first hit the paper, but my writing is different now. For one, it’s less frequent. I don’t find myself sprinting across my house like I’m running to put out a fire and rescue a cat like I used to (for real I used to run to my room to get my thoughts out and clear my mind.. crazy, I know… although once in a while I still find myself removing myself from a situation and going to my room to write). Now, it comes and it goes. I get hit with little pockets of thoughts that I feel like I should write down to keep track of my progress and how everything has gone down over time. 

I still enjoy writing so much. I love it. But I think now, it’s less of a necessity and more of a hobby. I still love it for the same reasons though – it allows me to clear my mind and track my growth and progression. It’s also allowing me to help people. I think that’s why I’m falling in love with it more and more – my words are actually helping others….

So, what’s point of this post? GO OUT AND GET YOURSELF A JOURNAL.. FOOL. 

For real though. Make some time this weekend to hop over to Michaels, Joanne’s, AC Moore, Depot, etc. and grab yourself a nice little journal – one that you’ll enjoy writing in everyday. 

You might be saying to yourself “nah I never liked to write I’m not going to go do this, it’s stupid…” but I promise you… just give it a shot. If you don’t like it, fuck it you spent $7.69 and now can’t buy one Chipotle burrito. You’ll get over it. 

Buttttt, just try it. Get a journal, get a pen (or fine point Sharpie, that’s all I use) and let your mind FREE. Put down the wall. Put down the self judgement. Just let your mind and soul completely roam free and wild. It’s scary at first. You may start thinking things you don’t want written down on paper because then that gives them light… but I swear to you, the more you let out, the more you will learn, grow and progress as a human and as a soul…..

As my homie Phil Knight would say: JUST DO IT. (Nike where you at? I’ll be expecting a check in the mail for that shoutout to my 19 readers seeing this). 

That’s it for me.. have an amazing weekend. Let me know if you actually try this. I want to hear some feedback ✌️

Stay True. 

One thought on “Chipotle Sucks Anyways

  1. Writing in a journal works… I’ve had the opportunity to live right next store to this kid in our house. I did witness him running across the house to write down his thoughts. Try it out, writing is a way for you too express yourself. It will set you free


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