Only 100 Years Max??

Fuck all else, just gotta keep doing me. I’m feeling very connected to myself right now. Mind, body, and soul. But, I am not my mind. I know how to work it. I am not my body. But, I know how to work it.

I am me. I just am. I’m functioning, living, breathing… within a human body. Pushing the body forward. Realizing I’ve got less than 100 years here. LESS THAN 100 YEARS! That’s nothing, but it’s everything. This shit is gunna fly by. 

I’ve gotta KEEP PUSHING and keep making an impact. All day, everyday. That’s the mission, that’s the plan. Pushing others along the way. You fuck with me? Let’s ride, I’ll keep pushing you. Don’t fuck with me? I don’t give a fuck. 

Let’s fuckin ride, fam. I know who is on board. I’m gunna one up myself. You’ve gotta too. I don’t wanna leave you behind. Ready? Let’s do it. 

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