Who am I?

Well, that’s quite the question don’t you think? I wish I could answer it simply…..

For starters though, my name is Kevin James Masaro. My parents gave me this name when I was birthed 23 years ago in Toronto, Canada. I like the name – I think it’s got a ring to it, so I’ll stick with it for now.

It wasn’t until about two years ago when things started changing for me… when I began to desire more than the “typical” 21 year old. The normal path of going to elementary school, to middle school, to high school, to university, and then on to a job ended for me right after the university part – despite the commonality of attaining some high paying full-time job upon graduation.

I am blessed to say that I came across an opportunity that changed my life at 21 years old… The opportunity to carry on the name and legacy of a fallen brother and inspiration to many, Always True. One could say that Always True is a gift from God, as is everything else on this Earth…

And now, I find myself in a very interesting and amazing spot in life… I am an artist running a clothing brand at the age of 23 with an intense desire to a few things: 1. Become better, 2. Travel the world, and 3. Inspire the masses.

So, that’s why I’m here today… I’m here to speak my true mind…. to speak my unfiltered thoughts, opinions, and ideas in hopes that maybe – just maybe – I’ll change a single person’s life for the better…

My words may not affect you.. and they may not affect the person after you.. or the person after that.. but there’s that chance that somewhere down the line my experiences will guide a single soul in the right direction – towards fulfillment… because that’s what we are all in search of right… ultimate happiness and fulfillment?

I hope you enjoy what I have to say or at least find it entertaining to some extent. I’m a soul that is put here to guide others… with a special role though… because I’m leading through my own life experiences and example… 

So, stay with me here, because I’m only human, and this is my first crack at all of this – I’m a young soul. A young soul with a burning passion to change this world… person by person… starting with myself.

Welcome to My True Mind.