A Text To You

You, It upsets me that you don't text me back... not because I'm immature and need a text back, but because we've been through so much together and I think you're such an amazing person deep down... and as I've grown I've realized I just want to be a positive impact in your life, but [...]

Chipotle Sucks Anyways

There's just something about writing.... there's just something about being able to communicate my deepest, most inner thoughts through text that I can't sometimes speak through words.. maybe it's because in person I get nervous or shy, but I'm not sure... It all started for me amidst a huge downward spiral I found myself going [...]


There are two choices that you have every time a situation isn't going "as planned":  1. You can crawl into a little ball and cry about how things didn't work out the way you thought (well no shit, the future is nonexistent)  Or.... 2. You can level up, put on your big boy/girl pants and [...]